"If you change the way you look at things. the things you look at change." Ekhart Tolle

Perhaps you've heard about this new platform for talking therapy? You probably do a lot of things from your phone or laptop that you did in person a decade ago. The speed of our lives and the number of responsibilities we juggle has increased exponentially. So to our reliance on remote communication, working, shopping, dating, reading, you name it. Even higher education has moved online for those who want or need it. 
Online therapy saves time and money previously spent travelling to and from sessions. You can relax in the comfort of your own space, wherever in the world you find yourself. And it can be liberating to experience therapy coming to you, so-to-speak, being able to log in from wherever you need to be this week. There is something about the experience of exploring, processing, and reframing in our natural environment without the added stress of travel that facilitates change.
In addition to these more obvious benefits, I also find that we are sometimes able to connect with parts of ourselves that take longer to access face to face. I've even experienced breakthroughs with clients over the phone or online that seemed further away when meeting in person. Some people even unexpectedly find they work better over the phone than online or in person. And everyone I have worked with online finds any reservations dissolve once the session gets underway.
Therapy exists to create an enlightened extension of your own internal experience, so it is no surprise that it functions whether your therapist is in the same room or not. I believe that with the right therapist - connection, empathy, rapport, engagement, inspiration, and energy can be shared as palpably and effectively online as face to face. My focus is solely on you and you will be heard and helped wherever you are.
If work, family responsibilities, travel, or distance from your ideal therapist present challenges to face to face sessions, I embolden you to give remote therapy a try. 
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