"If you change the way you look at things. the things you look at change." Ekhart Tolle

You probably do a lot of things from your phone or laptop that you only did in person a decade ago. The speed of our lives and the number of responsibilities we juggle has increased exponentially. So to our reliance on remote communication, working, shopping, dating, reading, you name it. Even education has moved online for those who want or need it to be. 

Online therapy saves time and energy previously spent travelling to and from sessions. You can relax in the comfort of your own space, wherever in the world you find yourself. And it can feel refreshing for therapy to go to you, so-to-speak; being able to log-in from wherever you are.

With the right therapist for you - rapport, connection, inspiration, and energy can be experienced as palpably online as face-to-face. My focus is solely on you. You will be heard and seen wherever you are.

If work, health, family, or distance from your ideal therapist present overwhelming challenges to travelling, I embolden you to give remote therapy a try.